The cultural community of New York City has the enormous potential to make a special contribution to the quality of life of the city's school children. That's why Metropolis Ensemble is devoted to educating a new generation of composers, musicians, and listeners through these two unique and exciting education programs.

Our Current Fellows:

Brad Balliett
Youth Works, 2009-11
Wet Ink, 2011-12

Ray Lustig
Youth Works, 2008-10
Wet Ink, 2010-11

Our Past Fellows:

Cristina Spinei
Youth Works, 2007-08
Wet Ink, 2008-09

Ryan Francis
Youth Works, 2006-07
Wet Ink, 20007-08

Ryan Gallagher
Youth Works, 2005-06
Wet Ink, 2006-07

Youth Works seeks to encourage creativity and self-expression through teaching of the art and craft of music composition to public school children in New York City.

Metropolis Ensemble currently works in Public School 11 in Manhattan, and collaborates with The Teak Fellowship. Learn more...

Wet Ink nurtures and encourages the next generation of composers through its multi-faceted young composer's mentorship program.

Since 2005, Metropolis Ensemble has commissioned six works from Wet Ink fellows. Learn more...

Youth Works and Wet Ink are made possible thanks to a generous grant from the van Otterloo Foundation.

Interested in getting involved in our education programs? Contact us...